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17 November 2010 /

ARMEX has signed a contract with “ProfMedia” Company for maintenance of building engineering systems

According to the decision of the Tender Committee ARMEX Management Company was chosen as the management organization, which will carry out technical maintenance of engineering systems in “ProfMedia Business Solutions” Media Company. The company offices are located in a modern business center of “B” Class – “Danilovskaya Manufactora”, which is a group of industrial buildings of the mid-XIX century, renovated in 2009 and equipped with modern engineering systems and equipment.

danilovskaya_manufaktura_.jpgUnder the terms of the agreement, ARMEX Management Company will provide operation control of the engineering systems, equipment repair and maintenance of operational documents, as well as organization of the waste disposal resulting from the process of technical maintenance of engineering systems. In addition ARMEX professionals are responsible for air conditioning operation, electricity, indoor lighting, water supply, sanitation and fire safety systems.

Special attention is paid to the reliability of UPS systems for guaranteed power supply of 4ch TV broadcasting complex. For regular system operation, ARMEX professionals carry out 24-hour service on-site, providing daily inspection and monitoring of all boards, power supply networks and installed equipment. In addition, maintenance of engineering systems includes monthly analysis of electricity and water consumption, as well as activities for energy saving.

Troubleproof operation of “ProfMedia Business Solutions” office is ensured by modern ventilation and air conditioning systems, which require regular maintenance. The range of activities for the maintenance of engineering systems includes conducting routine, seasonal, repair and other types of operations. In particular, ARMEX carries out daily monitoring and test of HVAC equipment as well as adjusting equipment, replacing filters, cleaning of external and internal units, grills etc.

A comprehensive fire safety system of the office combines the fire alarm system, gas fire suppression and fire notification system. Maintenance of all these engineering systems is carried out by ARMEX professionals in compliance with standards for fire safety and Ministry of Emergency Situations orders. ARMEX specialists perform daily inspection of fire fighting equipment for possible external damage as well as replace system components, control the main and backup power sources and provide systematic measurement of the sensitivity of fire detectors and external devices.

In addition to the maintenance of engineering systems, ARMEX Company performs maintaining of operational documentation, monitoring of contractors, cleaning of technical facilities, inspection of fire protection systems and handles other household services, including furniture repair, cargo handling, ordering office, delivery of drinking water, etc. For the staff convenience operational help desk is installed in the office for reception and processing of applications. ARMEX professionals prepare monthly report, which contains information about received, completed and pending applications, as well as the reasons for the delay and expected date of their execution.

For further information about ARMEX Management Company and its building management and operation services please call ARMEX at (495) 787-3336, 787-3337 or email to

“ProfMedia Business Solutions” Company is a member of the major Russian media holding “Prof-Media”, which operates a number of well-known brands in TV segment ("TV3", "MTV Russia" and "2x2"), radio (“Autoradio” “Energy”, “Radio Alla” and “Humor FM”), movie production (“Central Partnership” and “Cinema Park”), print and electronic media (“Afisha” magazine and,,,, etc). At the present moment, "Prof-Media Business Solutions” provides TV-channels with the legal and administrative support, sales and distribution, financial accounting and reporting.