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13 September 2010 /

All ARMEX facility management services meet ISO 9001-2008 requirements


ARMEX Quality Management System has been tested and registered by "Standard-Test" Authorized Organization for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001 - 2008 (ISO 9001:2008). This certificate confirms compliance with Russian standards of all company quality management services including management of commercial real estate, maintenance of engineering equipment, installation, repair and maintenance of fire safety, as well as organization of building operations, reconstruction and repair.

According to Oleg Pugovkin, ARMEX Managing Director, certification of the Quality Management System for compliance with ISO 9001 - 2008 assisted company in complete optimization of overall production and management processes. This certificate of compliance became another proof of company professional skills, as well as an additional competitive advantage in the market of professional management of commercial real estate and facilities management.

QMS Certification of Russian companies is a common demonstration of their stability and quality of services, featuring commercial real estate management. It is the best illustration of the fact that the company carries out all necessary operations and meets high requirements for quality control services, specified by the international standards. In addition, this certificate is a proven guarantee of the quality of company services and can be one of the criteria when selecting a contractor.

ARMEX Certificate of conformity ensures quality and safety of its commercial real estate services, including building technical maintenance, control and maintenance of engineering systems, repair and modernization of the working equipment, security and cleaning, as well as electrical services and operation consulting.

For further information about ARMEX Management Company and its building management and operation services please call ARMEX at (495) 787-3336, 787-3337 or email to

A member of ARMO group of engineering companies, ARMEX Management Company specializes in commercial facility management and offers a wide range of building operation & maintenance services. At present the company employs over 200 people and manages diversified range of facilities, including office and administration buildings, trade and entertainment centers, and other commercial property, having total floor area of over 150 thousand square meters.