ProfMedia Business Solutions Company office

7,306 m²


The company's office is located on the territory of a modern “B” class business center – “Danilovskaya Manufactura”. It is a complex of industrial buildings of the mid-XIX century, renovated in 2009 and equipped with the modern engineering system and equipment. Geographically, the object is located at: Moscow, Varshavskoye shosse, 9, str.1A.

Services provided

The range of services includes the maintenance of engineering systems: power supply, indoor lighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems, water supply, sanitation and fire safety. In addition, ARMEX staff perform cleaning of technical facilities, organization of help desk, technical documentation preparation, routine maintenance of engineering systems, administration of contractors warranty, fire safety monitoring and other services, including furniture repair, cargo handling, etc.

According to the contract ARMEX Company provides technical maintenance and control of engineering systems, equipment repair and maintenance of operational documents, and also organizes waste disposal resulted from the engineering systems operation. Technical staff is responsible for the correct operation of overall systems: fire safety and electrical systems, indoor lighting, water supply and sanitation as well as air conditioning and ventilation systems.

During engineering systems maintenance ARMEX professionals carry out accounting and analysis of electricity and water consumption, and also provide organizational and technical procedures for energy saving. Special attention is paid to the UPS systems and stable power supply of the 4-ch TV broadcasting complex. ARMEX ensures 24-hour on-site services, providing daily inspection and monitoring of all system components, power supply cables and installed equipment.

Rented by “PMBS” building offices are equipped with the modern air conditioning and ventilation systems by Carrier and Daikin, each of which requires regular maintenance. The range of activities for the maintenance of engineering maintenance includes conducting routine, seasonal, repair and maintenance operations carried out in strict accordance with the operational and technical documentation. In particular, ARMEX technical specialists provide daily inspection and verification of engineering systems operation, as well as adjusting of the installed equipment, replacing filters, cleaning of external and internal operation units etc.

Building fire safety system includes fire alarm and gas fire suppression systems. Fire safety system maintenance is strictly controlled and regulated by the Fire Safety Regulations and Ministry of Emergency Situations. During the technical maintenance ARMEX professionals perform daily inspection of fire fighting equipment, providing health check and replace system components, control of primary and backup power sources, as well as remove the effects of fire system activation, etc.

For the convenience of “ProfMedia” staff, ARMEX Company has organized help desk for processing of applications relating to the indoor environment, household services, electricity, cargo handling, equipment repair etc. In order to control quality of engineering systems maintenance, ARMEX professionals compile a monthly report on help desk activity, which provides the number of received, completed and pending applications, as well as information about delays and deadlines.

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