Russian Railways Office Building on Kalanchevskaya Street

58,000 m²


Russian Railways office building is located in the heart of Moscow at 35 Kalanchevskaya street. The complex consists of three interconnected high-rise buildings, the highest of which is 28-story tower. Total area of the complex is 58,000 square meters (including underground levels). Today, “Russian Railways” office building is equipped with state-of-the-art systems and is among ten largest intelligent buildings in Europe according to the number of building management system points.

Services provided

Maintenance services in Russian Railways office building include: maintenance of building systems, servicing and emergency repair of equipment, commissioning, supply and replacement of expendables and consumables for uninterrupted operation of equipment and trouble-free system performance. ARMEX specialists work in the building round-the-clock, providing continuous monitoring and control of building systems, and can promptly handle any malfunction of equipment.

Russian Railways office building is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and highly automated building systems. ARMEX specialists provide maintenance of all building systems, including power supply, HVAC, water supply and sewerage, fire alarm, building management, and security systems (access control, burglar alarm, CCTV).

Building systems maintenance services include:

  • routine inspection, testing, setup and adjustment according to norms and technical standards applied to building systems and equipment
  • after-inspection repair, or repair of damaged equipment for trouble-free system performance
  • after-repair setup of building systems and equipment
  • servicing and maintenance of equipment, required by operating instructions
  • round-the-clock control of building systems and equipment by ARMEX specialists

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